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Alan Zoldan

A2Z MicroMarketing
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a2z micromarketing

What can I write for you?

Ads and Brochures : Printed materials start with a hook -- cleverly disguised as a headline -- and end with the customer calling you, e-mailing you, or visiting your Web site. In between is easy-to-read copy that outlines what you do, how you do it, and why you're better than the competition.

Direct Mail : One of my favorite genres - cost-effective, testable, measurable. You give me a good offer targeted to the right lists, and I'll write you a package you can take right to the bank. P.S. I can write more "sales-worthy" postcards, sales letters, self-mailers, and e-mail messages too!

Case Studies : I write case studies in an effective format: I spell out the challenge, explain how you solved it, then flaunt the results. I can interview your customers and extract on-the-money testimonial quotes too.

Catalogs : I have written captivating copy for many well known catalog companies - Lifestyle Fascination, Learning Annex, MicroWarehouse, MicroBiz, Hanover House, Paper Direct, National Geographic, Hertz Furniture Systems, and McGraw-Hill Professional Books, to name a few.

Corporate Communications : Whether writing to your employees, shareholders, customers, and/or prospects, I'll set the right tone and sustain it, with crisp, lively copy that communicates your message more effectively.

Editing and Proofreading : Sometimes you've already got copy that works; you just need it proofread or "polished" by an expert pair of eyes. A little bit of professional editing can make a world of difference - and your cost will be considerably less than having me create a document from scratch!

Feature Articles : If you have a good idea for an article for an industry periodical, I can write it for you. You'll gain greater recognition as an expert in your field -- and you can use reprints of the article as a PR tool. And speaking of PR, I can write press releases and newsletters too.

Newsletters : Effective newsletters contain a balanced blend of industry information and company news. I can write articles that you suggest, or manage and produce the whole project.

Web Sites : Content needs to grab your customer, scan easily, and keep 'em clicking. I make this happen with catchy subheads and concise, organized body copy. P.S. My email promotions for The Learning Annex are in a class by themselves!

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