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Alan Zoldan

A2Z MicroMarketing
20 Tammy Road
Wesley Hills, NY 10977

(845) 362-8445


Client's Testimonials

"Best response ever to one of our prospect mailings. Thanks for another great Alan Zoldan idea!"

Louis Scott, President
Louis Scott Associates

"Alan gets it right the first time, and his writing is engaging,clear, and on-target. He's one of the most powerful weapons on our marketing team. Plus -- his turnaround times are incredibly fast!"

Steven Schragis, National Director
The Learning Annex

"Alan's copy and creative input has taken our direct marketing efforts to a whole new level. He has an impressive ability to convey the core benefits of any business, product or service, or company in a way that sparkles, shines, and sells. In a field that suffers from no shortage of self-serving hype, Alan Zoldan is the real deal!"

Sonia RussomannoVP, Marketing Director
Alliance Funding

"Alan Zoldan is my preferred freelancer and has been for several years now. His ability to translate marketing objectives into copy that reaches the reader's 'hot buttons' is impressive. I'd highly recommend Alan to any company - except my competitors!"

Michael Bruce, President
McFrank & Williams Advertising

"I have had the good fortune of working with Alan Zoldan on many projects over the years. He is gifted, creative, often dazzling, always inspired. I've worked with many creative people for over two decades, but Alan Zoldan is at the top of my list."

Arthur Kurzweil,
Editor & Publisher

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