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Alan Zoldan

A2Z MicroMarketing
20 Tammy Road
Wesley Hills, NY 10977

(845) 362-8445


The A2Z Micromarketing Story

If you are less than thrilled with my work -- and decide that it can't be revised to your satisfaction, then you don't pay! How fair is that? In other words, you risk nothing by giving me a try except your time -- and you stand to gain a reliable "on demand" copywriter who can help serve your clients well, project after project . . . and year after year.

My story in brief: after receiving my MBA in Marketing at NYU, I started - and was the in-house ad agency - for one of the very first educational software catalog and direct mail marketers. As is true for most entrepreneurs, I did it all - catalogs, brochures, ads, DM packages - and I did it very well. After starting up on the proverbial shoestring, sales jumped to over $5 million in just a few years. Some time later, I decided to cash out and focus on what I do best.

Since 1990, I've been a full-time freelance copywriter, and I couldn't be happier. My clients, including a wide range of ad agencies, catalog and DM marketers, publishers, and other companies, are quite happy too. My rates are reasonable, I'm a swift learner (with excellent research skills), and I provide the added value of real-world marketing savvy that you won't easily find elsewhere . . . but you just found it here! If all this sounds great "on-screen," I can assure you that it can be even better in real life. If you'd like to find out how much better, please call (845-362-8445) or e-mail me today!

Industry Experience

I'm a quick learner and a seriously sharp researcher, but my experience in the following industries enables me to "hit the ground running" even more effectively:

• Business-to-Business
• Catalogs Credit
• Cards Direct Mail
• E-Commerce
• Educational Organizations
• Employee Communications
• Financial Services Healthcare

• Hi-Tech
• Newsletters
• Nonprofit Organizations
• Publishers
• Recruitment Advertising
• Software
• Specialty Advertising

Clients Are Talking!

"Best response ever to one of our prospect mailings. Thanks for another great Alan Zoldan idea!"

Louis Scott, President
Louis Scott Associates

"Alan gets it right the first time, and his writing is engaging,clear, and on-target. He's one of the most powerful weapons on our marketing team. Plus -- his turnaround times are incredibly fast!"

Steven Schragis, National Director
The Learning Annex

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