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a2z micromarketing

Alan Zoldan

A2Z MicroMarketing
20 Tammy Road
Wesley Hills, NY 10977

(845) 362-8445


26 Ways It Pays to Use Me

1. Save overhead

An independent consultant gives you the flexibility to hire help when you need it - without increasing your overhead when you don't.

2. Sell more.

More "response-able" copy will pay for itself - many times over and above my very competitive cost.

3. Fresh perspective.

Think you've thought of every creative angle? Think again!

4. Fun to work with.

I listen well, work well with all kinds of people and am "non-attitudinally challenged" -- at least on a good day.

5. Minimal risk.

No long-term commitments. Love me - or leave me.

6. Because next week might be too late.

Meet with me before there's an immediate need, so I'll be better able to hit the ground running when there is.

7. Real-world experience.

I started and ran my own catalog company for nine years - and I've been freelancing full-time for more than ten. Few other copywriters have that experience - or level of marketing expertise. And, like the late, great Dizzy Dean said, "It ain't bragging if it's true."

8. Strategically savvy.

Sure, I'm creative -- but I also know how to translate "marketingese" into crisp, captivating and compelling copy.

9. Versatile.

I'm experienced in a wide range of formats (DM packages, ads, articles, brochures, online content, newsletters), industries, and styles.

10. Knowledgeable.

As a voracious reader, I bring a vast knowledge base of advertising strategy, marketing savvy and past client experience to the table. My MBA in Marketing doesn't hurt either.

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