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Alan Zoldan

A2Z MicroMarketing
20 Tammy Road
Wesley Hills, NY 10977

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26 Ways It Pays to Use Me

11. Excellent research skills.

If I don't know it, I can find out about it -- fast. And with more facts at my command, I can persuade better on paper, or wherever.

12. Quick on the uptake.

It's my job to get up to speed quickly - and I do it very well.

13. Deadline dependable.

I won't make any commitments that I can't keep, and, as a self-employed professional, I will go the extra mile (hour, night, etc.) to keep you satisfied.

14. Keen sense of humor.

It may not always show up in the copy, but it does make it more fun to work together.

15. Brilliant brainstormer.

Taglines, headlines, product names, whatever. In a group or at my home office alone, I am great at thinking out of the box, backpack, or cubicle.

16. Technologically well equipped.

E-mail, fax, power-user notebook, smartphone, Fed Ex account, USB sticks, PDF files, very cool pens? Yeah, I've got 'em. And I know fun & far-out, and even business-relevant website like you wouldn't believe!

17. Excellent verbal communication skills.

Enough said!

18.Enthusiastic & positive.

See #14.

19. Good at taking direction - or winging it.

However detailed (or not) your creative direction is, I can run with it. If there's something I need to know, I'll ask - but I can also make reasonably intelligent (or better) assumptions.

20. Extraordinarily efficient.

With my time -- and yours. And, with multiple clients to serve, I've been "multi-tasking" since that term was invented.

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