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a2z micromarketing

Alan Zoldan

A2Z MicroMarketing
20 Tammy Road
Wesley Hills, NY 10977

(845) 362-8445


26 Ways It Pays to Use Me

21. Available for travel.

Go ahead - tell me where to go.

22. Marketing savvy.

DM secrets. Headline writing tricks. Whole-brain copy. Words that engage, motivate and attract Google spiders like sunflowers attract bees. I've read the books, clipped and filed the articles - and I've been applying it all to the best of my ability for over 10 years.

23. Proven.

Not to you -- not yet anyway. But I do have a whole bunch of glowing references from satisfied clients, and I'm sure that many of them are as committed to excellence and creative brilliance as you are.

24. Proud.

I recognize and appreciate that, directly or indirectly, every client I work for
is, in a sense, entrusting me with his or her business. And I have a genuine commitment to producing work that merits and rewards that trust.

25. The A2Z Factor

This includes all of the intangible factors of using someone who brings all of the above qualities to the table -- and then some! How valuable could all this be to your clients or to your organization? There's really only one good way to find out -- call me soon. I will do my very best to keep you calling me back.

26. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are less than thrilled with my work -- and decide that it can't be revised to your satisfaction, then you don't pay! How fair is that? In other words, you risk nothing by giving me a try except your time -- and you stand to gain a reliable "on demand" copywriter who can help serve your clients well, project after project . . . and year after year.

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